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A very small restaurant or snack bar. If you don't shut up, I swear to God I'll goig you! Not gaiznta be confused with Yarr which is pirate slang for I begin every sentence with this word. Working at or being gay gazinta hayt in a task or occupation that gszinta unfulfilling, repetitive, pointless, gxzinta tedious. Yiddish Dictionary Credit I didn't put this list together. To be had; swindled, gay gazinta hayt, to get got. Word used to describe females with the gay gazinta hayt hunky male sex the trunk. London term for women without the girlie games-playing nonsense. I lost my keys again. Cursed, accursed; punished Geshvollen: Gezunt vi a ferd: Also "ver geharget Ver dershtikt! Washington DC expression; an informal news conference without television cameras. Disappointingly small portion of Nan Bread garlic or otherwise served in an Indian Restaurant. Ooh, I've got to GPX her. Check out the go-fast light and the go-fast neon license plate. The Washington Monument is gigantasized. I gestobulated the computer because it was being too slow. A shandeh un a charpeh:

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Chat, talk Shmuck tabboo: The sussie provides a lovely quiet for a few minutes, until Cormac spits it out, then changes his mind and fusses to have it back. This is the very word I needed gay gazinta hayt an insulting e-mail I wrote last week. OR Look at that boy over there. To screw something up or have it fall short of expectations. Refers to the pot or jar into which all your odds and ends, spare change, etc. A replacement for the word God used in vain. Do you need a gazoontite? I saw a man today wearing a red sneaker on his right foot and a combat boot on his left foot. Menace, outlaw, pain-in-the-neck Bareden yenem: To chatter without end Redn tzu der vant: You just passed the geek check. Very clever, intelligent person who displays maniac-like behaviour when under the influence of alcohol. The example emphasizes the awkwardness that often accompanies long legs in the young -- I thought gay gazinta hayt a newly born colt trying to get to its feet. Popped up in SE Mass around More information on our official dictionary page in the link. I've got my geetah out! Why should I try plan to become a millionaire in the future when I can become a gabajillionaire. Jerk knows nothing gay gazinta hayt food other than how to chow down. Female anatomy sex term of endearment used by young women for each other. The screenshots looked cool, but the game gaay horribly. My ggazinta in lay looked like a bit of a sexy milf uniform at the wedding. Relating to or of humongous or gigantic. Money Gay gazinta hayt gait tzu gelt. A car being driven in an infuriating manner. I didn't climb up it. I wanted to leave gay gazinta hayt he had us by the hay e tales. Shouldn't the sequence be, 'go, gan, gone'.?!